Vail Daily letter: Thanks for support |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for support

Joe Hoy
Eagle, CO Colorado

It has been my honor to serve as your sheriff for the past eight years, and it will be my honor to continue to be your sheriff. I would like to thank everyone who supported me during this election, and I promise to dedicate the next four years to the safety of everyone in Eagle County.

This past election year has been a memorable and challenging one. The community had two viable candidates, me and James van Beek. I offered the voters years of commitment to Eagle County, experience working with other branches of government, both locally and on a state level, leadership and programs committed to enhancing the lives of Eagle County citizens. James offered a new view point, experience as a deputy and his years of service in foreign countries.

Experience, dedication and demonstrated local leadership prevailed. This was a hard-fought and extremely close race. James was a good challenger. When the margins between winning and losing are this narrow, it gives you cause to think. James was a solid opponent who offered good ideas. During my campaign, I talked to many people throughout our county wanting me to know their expectations of the Sheriff’s Office and what ideas they had for improving our level of service and involvement within the community. During the early months of 2011, we will be giving a lot of consideration to both the wealth of community input received, as well as suggestions made by James van Beek.

Between now and the beginning of the next budget year in January, I have some tough choices to make. A large part of our budget is personnel. And, it is our people that are our most valued assets. Not only next year, but in the next few years, we have to manage both our budget and our personnel more efficiently so that we can continue to deliver the great level of service Eagle County citizens have come to expect with fewer resources. In 2011, we will be operating with fewer people. Our staffing levels will be below that of 2005. Our overall budget will be about 20 percent less than 2010.

Even in these challenging times, after years of service as a deputy, and the past eight years as sheriff, I am still passionate about the job. I enjoy working with this team of really superior professionals. I still bring to the job the leadership and enthusiasm the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and you, the citizens of Eagle County, deserve.

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