Vail Daily letter: Thanks for wilderness bill |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks for wilderness bill

Alexander K. Schaefer
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am writing today to thank you for the introduction of H.R. 6280, the Eagle and Summit County Wilderness Preservation Act, on Sept. 29. It is the vision of men and women like you that will afford future generations the ability to enjoy all that we know and love in Eagle and Summit counties.

To overcome the opposition that all of us have witnessed over the years, and to focus rather on the unprecedented collaborative efforts and compromise. It is illustrated in the bill is truly a testament to both you and our


Your commitment to finding solutions while facing overwhelming resistance, and perhaps alienating members of your constituency in an election season, is admirable if not exemplary.

It goes without saying that the areas outlined in the bill have significant economic and environmental impacts, neither of which has been overlooked.

Your bill certainly strengthens the Eagle County Board of Commissioners’ goal “to be the model of excellence in mountain communities.” Endorsement of the bill by the Eagle County Board of Commissioners, town of Vail and countless individuals and businesses seems only to validate this goal.

As an avid fly fisherman, mountain biker and outdoorsman, the strongest levels of protection afforded to our most valuable asset is a priority.

It is for this protection that my children and I thank you. Please keep up the good work.

Alexander K. Schaefer

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