Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Moe’s, for west Eagle location |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Moe’s, for west Eagle location

Jaime Walker
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Thank you for hosting the Alabama Gulf Coast fundraiser. Despite the rain, the event appeared to be a success. From the live music, to the crawfish being eaten, to the hundreds of people inside and under tents, it was apparent that everyone had a good time and was happy to support a good cause.

I also want to thank you for relocating your business to the west side of Eagle. You took a dilapidated old building in a neglected part of town and converted it into a vibrant, welcoming establishment that has already become a home town gathering spot.

With your relocation and remodel, and the thousands of dollars spent, you started the redevelopment of a part of Eagle that needs attention and investment.

As you know, Highway 6 is the thoroughfare through which both locals and wealthy visitors commuting upvalley pass. Moe’s is in a prime location to capture the never-ending traffic. You tapped into the potential of the location, and your food, the laid-back atmosphere and the welcoming staff will no doubt make this new restaurant a catalyst for future reinvestment and the future hub of tax collection for Eagle.

The town should embrace you and other recent local entrepreneurs like John Shipp of the Dusty Boot, the Seaburys of Every Day Outfitters, Lionel Gonzales of Primavera Liquors, as well as the other business owners who make up our economy, by supporting local business endeavors rather than chasing money from Kansas. Eagle must be open for business and look for ways to promote economic development and further re-investment in west Eagle.

Wouldn’t it be special if the entire district was filled with new businesses as authentic as Moe’s?

The cars that have filled the parking lot day and night since the doors opened at this new location, as well as the cars that were parked down Highway 6 for blocks during the fundraiser, demonstrate Moe’s success.

Success breads success. The vitality that this one new venture created along a neglected corridor should encourage the town to actively plan for and pursue redevelopment in this district.

If it is not obvious already, the rebirth of this part of Eagle should be the town’s priority. I hope the Town Board, the town management and the planning staff do not stall the efforts to build on your accomplishment and capitalize on your leadership.

Mike, Jeff, Ben and the others at Moe’s: Thank you for investing in our town and for realizing the potential in west Eagle. It is my hope that others follow your lead and the town supports you in all of your endeavors.

Jaime Walker

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