Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Pirates sponsors |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks, Pirates sponsors

Blake Martin
Vail, CO, Colorado

This letter is to say thank you to our sponsors from the Eagle/Gypsum Pirates baseball team, and to also remind all Eagle County residents to shop local.

All three of our sponsors live in the town of Gypsum and have contributed to the local athletic programs for years through volunteer hours, and finacial means.

They not only understand the importance of sports in the community, but how school first, along with sports discipline, makes a person more of an asset to the community for which they reside.

Thank you to Gypsum NAPA, Ewing Trucking, Hobbs Construction. Before you buy auto parts, need a hole dug or a pile hauled, ask if they support our local kids.

Thank you, sponsors.

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Blake Martin and the Eagle/Gypsum pirates

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