Vail Daily letter: Thanks to 3B supporters |

Vail Daily letter: Thanks to 3B supporters

Connie Kincaid-Strahan and Sandra B. Smyser
Vail, CO Colorado

A very gracious “thank you” to the approximately 3,700 voters who, despite the current economic times, supported our schools and our community by voting “yes” on 3B.

Thank you also to the Citizens for Eagle County Schools for their hard work, dedication and tireless efforts to fight for the strong public educational system we have here in Eagle County.

Both the Citizens Budget Committee and our parent community asked the Board of Education to put this question on the ballot, and we have been encouraged by the incredible support they have provided to the district on behalf of the children of Eagle County.

We asked you (our community) to tell us if you supported a mill-levy increase to adequately reinstate funds eliminated by the state, and you said “no.”

With the failure of 3B, we will begin planning and implementing cuts to our current budget immediately. Initial budget projections from the governor’s office today indicate that our estimate of cutting an additional $5 million from our budget is now a reality.

As always, we will keep our budget solvent, and unfortunately it will now come at a more profound and painful cost. Until now, we have sheltered our cuts as much as possible from the classroom, including programs and critical positions.

We are the second-largest employer in Eagle County. Therefore, the failure of this initiative will undoubtedly be hurtful to our community, which disappoints the district and the Board of Education.

We will continue to be transparent and accessible as we make these

hard decisions that will affect each

and every one of our community members.

Once again, thank you to those of you who supported this valiant effort.

Connie Kincaid-Strahan

President of the Board of Education

Sandra B. Smyser

Superintendent of Eagle County Schools

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