Vail Daily letter: That dump is not in the forest |

Vail Daily letter: That dump is not in the forest

Tim Kuhnmuench
Vail, CO, Colorado

After reading Roger Brown’s letter in Tuesday’s paper, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. He is pointing out that if vehicles are allowed in the forest, the forest will become a dump.

I too have seen the garbage at the beginning of the gravel of Cottonwood Pass Road. This area is not national forest land; it is BLM.

This area has been used for decades by the young people of Gypsum and Eagle to have parties. Unfortunately, these young people haven’t learned at their age the importance to clean up after themselves.

If he would take the trouble to travel into the forest, I mean really into the forest where there are forest roads, he would see that in these areas, there is no trash.

In the summer, I spend two to three days a week in the Lede Reservoir and the Flat Tops areas, and have found very minimal damage from people being able to access these areas by ATVs.

To be honest, it has always surprised me on how well people do take care of our national forest areas.

The only thought I can come up with is that we all came to this area because of our love of the forest.

So no matter how we get into the forest – be it ATVs, jeeps, horses, bikes, snowmobiles or by foot – we love it and want to take care of it.

I would encourage the people in Eagle County to really get out in the forest and see for themselves that, overall, a good compromise has been maintained between public access and conservation.

Inflammatory letters with a sensational approach such as Brown’s provide no benefit in the complex debate that will continually and rightfully take place regarding the proper balance between public access to our forests and the protection of them.

Tim Kuhnmuench


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