Vail Daily letter: That wine’s gone sour |

Vail Daily letter: That wine’s gone sour

Greg Luciano
Vail, CO, Colorado

This newspaper does a really good job of delivering a balanced and informative local voice for news, sports and opinion. It provides a means to stay connected with the community. A significant part of this, as with any credible source, is through the sharing of ideas and perspectives in the op-ed pages.

One can usually learn something from a contributed piece even when disagreeing with the views of the author. Such was the case for me when I read Bob Branden’s recent submission in Valley Voices.

For those unfamiliar, Mr. Branden likes to convey his ideologies through the use of his clever teacher-student scenario. His latest column postulates that the United States is destined to implode like the ancient kingdoms and that if you voted for President Obama, you are a lazy sheep with no substance. How nice.

This tired song of sour grapes from Mr. Branden and many others is becoming very old. Drop it from the vine already.

My wife and I are diligent, tax-paying, small business-owning (me), professional (my wife) people who work our tushkins off to thrive in, and hopefully contribute to, this great community that we call home.

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Do we sound like sheep to you, Mr. Branden? Your condescending rhetoric contributes nothing of merit to further the conversation.

Rather, it offends and distances. Your group never seems to offer any ideas or insights that speak to the issues that you whine incessantly about.

Your candidate lost. Get over it. Move on. Help grow the solutions. And if you please, stop insulting the 65 million American citizens who felt compelled to vote for the more competent and able leader, with equal mention to the more empathetic and dignified human being.

If you are wondering what I may have learned from Mr. Branden’s column, there was one thing. I had occasion to look up the word “sibilant,” as I was ignorant of its meaning.

So, Bob, thanks for that. I’ll close with an old cheer with a sibilant twist … “We have sssubstance, yes we do! We have sssubstance, how ’bout you?”

Greg Luciano


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