Vail Daily letter: The best choices |

Vail Daily letter: The best choices

John Nichols
Eagle-Vail, CO, Colorado

The Eagle-Vail Metro Board election is just a few days away where three of the five seats are up for election. I for one am most appreciative of the fact that six property owners are willing to throw their hat in the ring to run for office knowing the sacrifices that will be placed on their time and their families. Thank you all for making the effort to be involved. After assessing the candidates I believe the best qualified candidates are Tom Allender, Reed Ford and Steve Kirchner. Tom Allender has been on the board for four years, is Eagle-Vail’s representative to the water board, has in-depth knowledge of board business and many years of planning experience.

Reed Ford filled a vacated seat in January and has attended virtually all of the Board meetings over the past four years making him quite knowledgeable in District business. Over the past four years Reed also volunteered to sit on as well as chair committees set up by the Board.

Steve Kirchner has attended many meetings over the past four years, has become very knowledgeable on District matters, has volunteered for committees and currently sits on the Design Review Board.

Being an Eagle-Vail Metro Board member is more complicated and demanding than most realize. The learning curve for a new board member can last several months to a year or more. I believe the three candidates mentioned above, through their past efforts have best demonstrated their desire and willingness to be actively involved which, in my opinion, makes them the best choices to address the challenges our community faces as we go forward.

John Nichols

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