Vail Daily letter: The choice for conservation |

Vail Daily letter: The choice for conservation

Roger Brown
Vail, CO, Colorado

There is one thing in this political season I think most of us can agree on. The federal lands that surround us are priceless treasures whether we hike, hunt, fish, bike, four wheel or just enjoy the views. Unfortunately, there is ever increasing pressure to carve up these lands in order to gain access to the fossil fuels and the other mineral resources they hold.

We don’t have to be a national sacrifice area. Exploitation for shale oil, natural gas, coal and water storage facilities that require wildly fluctuating dams and dried up creeks are simply not compatible with the recreational uses we all enjoy.

If you want to see examples of once beautiful landscapes chopped up by roads, wells, holding ponds, gravel pits and reservoirs, just open your eyes west of Rifle, north of Baggs, Wyo., or in almost any once remote mountain valley on the Colorado Western Slope.

Romney is in bed with the oil and gas companies that want to open up access to these lands that surround us. Obama, on the other hand, is pushing for nonpolluting renewable resources like solar and wind, resources that require far fewer negative environmental impacts to harness.

It’s pretty clear which course of action will be less damaging to our playgrounds. We live here. It’s up to us to protect this wonderful heritage.

Please consider this when you vote.

Roger Brown


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