Vail Daily letter: The criminal-in-chief |

Vail Daily letter: The criminal-in-chief

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am the “someone” of whom Ted Springer alluded regarding Mr. LeVine’s accolades on the achievements of Mr. Obama during his reign for the past three years. I can only say that either I have no grasp of reality or that Springer, LeVine, Carnes, Sharpton, Pelosie, Frank et al do not.

Schizophrenia is sometimes evidenced by a detachment from reality characterized by delusions. Or it could simply be a DNA (Democratic National Affliction) thing attributed to the mainstream media’s incessant diatribe for the established elite in Washington or on Wall Street.

Mr. Springer’s letter to the editor only reiterated the adoration espoused by LeVine in his prior letter about the wonderful utopia that TARP and the Affordable Health Care acts have wrought.

Both Springer and LeVine totally missed the point of my letter – that this legislation and/or executive orders were the products of unlawful powers fabricated assumed by Mr. Obama and/or his footmen in Congress.

When Bush, Obama and the Democratically controlled Congress entered the private marketplace for automobile manufacturing and investment banking, they of necessity must have some authority under the Constitution to do so.

The commerce clause or Article I of the Constitution does not give that authority. Since it is not enumerated or expressed, there is and was no such lawful power under that charter. Saving the jobs of the union workers or traders on Wall Street does not justify discriminating against the interests of other competitors (Ford, Toyota, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns) in violation of the equal protection clause.

Where in the constitutional or statutory archives is there authority for Mr. Obama to issue a unilateral death warrant against an American citizen without the process of indictment, complaint, trial and conviction through the judicial branch of the government (Article III), no matter how disreputable or dangerous the defendant may be? Obama’s actions toward Libya may have been successful (remains to be seen), but those activities were acts of war not condoned by Congress under Article I or even Article II that delineates the specific powers of the president.

Incredibly, Obama’s own defense secretary maintains that he only needs authority from the United Nations or NATO. This oversight of lawlessness by the Springer, LeVine ilk is little consolation to the American families of fallen soldiers whose lives were expended at the behest of foreign powers.

Springer touts Obamacare as the panacea for providing universal health care without discrimination for all Americans. I say that this is the biggest fallacy of all, for not only is it patently unconstitutional as certain federal courts have ruled to date, but it in effect raises the costs of insurance for those who subsidize the uninsured and lowers the standard of care for all Americans, except for Mr. Obama and his congressional elite.

This coercive act has no provision for introducing more medical personnel into the system to accommodate 10 million more uninsured.

However, the act did provide for 16,000 more IRS agents to treat all insureds, and the medical benefits therefrom may at the most be


To believe in the compassion of Obama and support his “achievements” is a fool’s errand on which millions may be on, but the rule of law is paramount in my book.

Fredric Butler

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