Vail Daily letter: The election is over |

Vail Daily letter: The election is over

Jerry Santoro
Vail, CO, Colorado

I wish we could just say “stop it,” and the destructive negativity on the news and in the newspapers would stop, but it won’t. People on both ends of the political spectrum feed this, and it is fostered by news stations and newspapers because anger sells.

Yes it sells, but anger is not an emotion that allows anyone to move forward. This behavior – “I want it my way and will not compromise because I am morally correct” – is the narrow thinking that has, and is, fueling religious wars and now fuels political campaigns.

Please understand that I’m not choosing either side. I’m addressing the behavior on both sides that has gotten us where we are.

The election is over! Please put your energy in the direction of helping both parties work together. If members of both parties care about the future of our children (of course they do), then set the model of behavior that we would like our children to emulate.

I wasn’t always chosen to be on the team that I wanted to play on, but I didn’t “take my bat, go home and refuse to play unless …”

I know that this message will not touch people on the far ends. Some will find reasons to be angry and probably direct their anger toward me and my comments.

I also take great comfort in knowing that most of us are much more reasonable than that.

We can’t change behavior by saying “stop it,” but we can go back to the roots of when we were young and learned to play well with others. Let’s leave that as a legacy for our children.

Jerry Santoro


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