Vail Daily letter: The Gandhi on the ballot |

Vail Daily letter: The Gandhi on the ballot

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am searching for a Gandhi of a president, an American Gandhi who embodies the traditional mores of a Judeo-Christian nation that was established out of frontier strife, suppressive taxation and despotic oppression. In this and today, we have 1776 revisited.

Can we find patriots the caliber of Paine, Jefferson, Clay, Henry or Franklin in today’s election year? Can we find a man of honesty, wisdom and steadfast conviction? And better yet, can the American voter even recognize that character or those qualities when he is first confronted by such an extraordinary candidate, especially where his identity is so obfuscated by the establishment media and the disingenuous political parties at play?

Of all the candidates now engaged for the high office of president, who above all else displays the virtue of honesty born from age, experience and wisdom? As Jefferson put it, honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

Who has never wavered from his moral, fair and equitable convictions during a lifetime of public service even to his detriment of financial or political gain? Honesty, now that is a rare commodity that would serve us well in the office of the presidency – you know, a man’s word is his bond.

In this 2012 election season, is there a candidate who is so steeped in the rule of law that he has become untouchable to the likes of vested interests lobbying for his favors, to the tradeoffs of his constituents in Congress, or to the benefits and special privileges attendant to his political office?

Of all of the candidates, who has spoken most often of the constraints mandated by the Constitution and its guarantees of inalienable rights – those rights that only an individual can possess, not a corporation, not a governmental entity and not a collective of any other stripe?

Only one candidate harkens us back to the rule of law and away from the imperial and arbitrary rule by executive order or edicts propounded by un-vetted and unelected administrative officials.

Who amongst the field speaks in halcyon terms of liberty, freedom, individual responsibility and the “golden rule” regarding one’s fellow man and in foreign affairs? Who even has the humility and temerity to interject those concepts in our complex, convoluted and pseudo-sophisticated American society? Are they too simple, embarrassing and mundane to even have application or


Who has served in the armed forces of the United States and really understands the travails of war and its effects on the younger generations?

Of all the men in this political race, who best understands the esoteric issues of women and those of their children who happen to enter into a world of violence and upheaval, let alone the debt that is inherited from simply being “American”?

If you know of whom I speak, yet reject the principles upon which he stands or the values he represents, then you may have put your faith and trust in the words and demeanor of a charlatan aspirant for the office. If you do not know of this American Gandhi, yet vote for one you have come to know through the establishment media, then you just may have chosen unwisely.

By the way, the last chapter of the book of wisdom is ignorance of what could have been discerned, but for complacency or distraction.

Fredric Butler

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