Vail Daily letter: The last man standing |

Vail Daily letter: The last man standing

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Last man standing

By admission, even the current administration in Washington recognizes that the solution to the problems of unemployment and impediments to real economic growth in the form of production and manufacturing lays with the American middle class. We may define within this strata the typical American working man, including those that are unemployed, the legions of small business entrepreneurs, farmers-ranchers and private enterprises that have fomented the world’s most prosperous engine of commerce.

Left to its competitive resources in a free and unfettered marketplace, this middle class has the ingenuity and temerity to commence not only a domestic recovery, but one for the world at large through the resurrection of a strong and stable dollar and a $14 trillion GDP.

It is unfortunate for all of us that those empowered or entrenched in the political realm do not understand how to lay off, except in the connotation of a workplace. My use of the term, however, applies to the marketplace in this: Just lay off with your confiscatory and progressive taxes, your intrusive and make-work bureaucracies, your myopic oversight, and your incessant and ruinous deficit spending that pauperizes future generations of Americans.

If all this results in a smaller and more responsible governing class, but a wealthier middle class, then would not this be more in keeping with the spirit of the constitutional commerce clause – that being to facilitate an open and tariff-free market between the states?

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I will go one better with this middle class of Americans, for it is the world’s most covetous conservator of the inalienable rights of man – to live and worship freely, to prosper and to promote the righteous rule of law to those who dwell beyond our shores.

With the global cabal of tyrants, terrorists and trustees who seek the destruction of everything American, including its sovereignty, the American middle class has emerged as the last man standing to pre-empt that endeavor, or at least frustrate it.

Who else will stand in harm’s way to foil the designs of the United Nations, of Iran, or some other congress of tyrants than the American middle-class man, steeped in the Judeo-Christian heritage of the frontiersman, minuteman, or patriot? A self-reliant and principled individual with the facilities (arms) to protect his family, his neighbors, his country and finally himself is a formidable and intrepid foe of tyranny and evil.

The world would be better served were it to recognize the American middle class as the last man standing against civil strife and economic disorder that is fast approaching.

I, for one, would be satiated if the American governing elite would just recognize and facilitate the middle-class man by giving him the room he needs to foment a brighter future for his progeny and the world in general. In other words, the governmental and ruling class needs to stand with the American middle class, and not against it.

Fredric Butler

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