Vail Daily letter: The little school that could |

Vail Daily letter: The little school that could

My name is Ryan Wolffe, and my daughter Kyla is in the first grade at Stone Creek Charter School. You have undoubtedly read about our school in the Vail Daily the past few days. It has been difficult for us parents to remain positive after reading these articles, and many of us now have doubt about the future of our beloved school.

Make no mistake, our school’s future is on the line. As a result, there was an emergency Board of Directors’ work session recently that parents were invited to attend. I am a self-proclaimed pessimist, but I can tell you that I left that session with my cup half full.

Our Board of Directors is working around the clock to explore all options to secure our school’s future. They are open to all suggestions and are pursuing ideas shared by many supportive parents and locals over the last few days. They are very positive that at least one short- to medium-term approach will succeed, but long-term stability remains our ultimate goal.

To be specific, the board feels there is a workable solution with the town of Avon to meet the needs of both parties. They are diligently working to achieve that result.Our school has weathered many storms in the past, and we are stronger as a result. One of our parents thinks of us as the “little school that could.” I agree, and all of us are going to unite to steer our school down the track of success.

Now more than ever is the time for all of us, including those outside our school, to step forward and support our school and Board of Directors. Now is the time for the residents and government of Avon to understand that our school is a benefit to our community and we are focused on the potential greatness in every child that walks through our school’s doors.

Now is the time for you to contact your town of Avon council members and share with them your desire to have Stone Creek Charter School succeed.

The council members are not the “bad guys,” as they might be portrayed, and I believe they want to do the right thing. They also have the responsibility to protect the interests of the town weighing on their shoulders.

We need to convince them that the town’s projects can weather small inconveniences to allow 210 children in their pursuit to fulfill their greatest potential. We understand that we need their support, as their vote on our current short-term solution will impact our long-term vision.

We believe in our hearts that Stone Creek Charter School will give our children the best chance to change the world. The parents are going to be asked to go beyond the call of duty in the coming weeks and months, and we ask for your patience. How we respond to this call will directly affect our town and children’s futures. We are part of this community, and our arms are open to embrace the support of outsiders who simply want to see a unique and thriving school survive.

We are the “little school that could.” May we all look back years from now and say that Stone Creek Charter School was the “little school that did.”

Ryan Wolffe

Editor’s note: Ryan Wolffe is no relation to Avon Mayor Ron Wolfe.

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