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Vail Daily letter: The new grassroots

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Vail, CO Colorado

Don’t be fooled. The election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate was not just a Republican win. Sen. Brown won the election through the backing of conser-vatives and independents (unaffiliated in Massachusetts). The conservative Tea Party and 9.12 groups throughout the country backed Sen. Brown by manning telephone banks and raising $1.3 million the week before the elec-tion on a goal of $500,000.

Sen. Brown describes himself as a “new breed” Republican. His goals and values are in line with the new grass-roots conservatives. Sen. Brown went to the people. He promised that he will listen to and represent those who elect-ed him to office. This is all we have been asking of those we elect to govern. The new breed Republicans and those of the other parties who have had it with the usurping of our Constitution by this Congress have mobilized. They are hell bent on electing to office those who will adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America and, like Sen. Brown, will listen to and represent their constituents. The country is get-ting a second chance.

Republicans cannot get cocky and revisit the mistakes made by those Republicans who made the Contract With America and then continued the corruption, backroom dealings and earmarks that brought them down and have continued with this Democ-rat- controlled Congress.

We are carefully watching and listen-ing to the candidates running for office. Sen. Brown has started the snowball rolling toward November. The old guard is out, and the new breed is in!

Michael Schneider, organizer, Vail Valley 9.12 Project

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