Vail Daily letter: The problem |

Vail Daily letter: The problem

Karl Berger
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m a little incensed about David Sirota’s column Sunday claiming anyone not willing to pay more in taxes is “me first, screw everyone else.”

Surely, Davey-boy, you are speaking about Congress, not taxpaying Americans. I separate out Congress because, as the recent Cabinet picks of Obama’s prove, liberals don’t pay taxes unless they get caught (Geithner, Daschel, Rangle, Pelosi, etc.).

I, for one, would love to send more money to Washington so they can study bat poop or some other mindless “green” earth-saving policy. How about more “cash for clunkers” -type programs? Let’s create more prosperity for the middle class by letting them accumulate more debt! Makes sense, if I think like you.

After all, Obama owns a car company, and it needs to be saved for the his union buddies who bought his office.

Hey, this is America, Davey-boy. If you can’t make a success of yourself here, I didn’t screw you. You have screwed yourself.

As for your comments regarding tea parties, these people are not corporate fat cats, as you so deceptively imply. Look at the people there. They are normal, red-blooded taxpayers fed up with ungodly waste and fraud. They are fed up with Congress taking care of themselves first, cronies second and everyone they’re claiming to be looking out for last, if at all.

The lies are catching up to them now, and the questions the media should be asking are now being asked by their constituents. And, of course, they can’t answer them!

Let’s get to your pet project health care. Why would anyone with half a mind think the government will manage it any better than Medicare, Social Security, the budget or any other countless failures of Congress? You think we want that brain donor Pelosi making our health choices?

The Congressional Budget Office has said it would run at a deficit of $1.8 trillion! And if you look at the record of that accounting, that means multiply that number by at least 10! Staggering numbers!

The problem isn’t availability of health care. It’s the cost. Now add 40 million more users who can come and go at will, and figure it out, Davey-boy. You think you wait in emergency rooms now? Just see how bad it gets.

I want you to see just how mad people really are. These town hall meetings are filled with the very people who protested government in the ’60s and ’70s. They are now ready to retire and enjoy their hard-earned time off, and Obama and his goons want to reduce Medicare and have them pay for his socialism. They want them to attend mandatory “Learn How To Die” seminars. It is not going to happen.

Somewhere, the Democratic Party that protested government in the ’60s has been taken over by far-left loons like yourself who now think big government is the answer. Wake up, Davey-boy. They are the problem!

Karl Berger


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