Vail Daily letter: The rebel Ron Paul |

Vail Daily letter: The rebel Ron Paul

If and when you accept Ron Paul’s message, you just may become a rebel. After all, 99 percent of the definition of a “rebel” is an “individual.” And it takes an individual to make a “patriot,” and a “patriot is defined to be a “revolutionary.”

Government of any stripe cannot intimidate a “revolutionary” with an ideal – it can only kill him but not expunge his purpose .

2012 will be a defining moment for Americans in general, since an “American” was first born as a “revolutionary” (circa 1776), and it is perhaps fitting that he should expire as one in this year of so much discontent.

One thing’s for sure, an “individual” (a la Ron Paul, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Martin Luther King, John Gault, et al) will never be on “American Idol” in the mainstream media or in tomorrow’s Congress.

It now seems that he dwells somewhere in the ether world of the Internet. The “www” is where ideas and individuals can dwell and interact without restraint and beyond censorship, albeit an intangible existence.

Ron Paul is not so much a candidate as an idea whose time has come that challenges the establishment of today’s governments, both national and international.

When you listen to Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann and the rest of the governmental shills, you get the feeling that the idea of “Paul” must be suppressed at all costs in order to keep the America as we know it today – unfair, confiscatory, inequitable, egalitarian, unjust, corrupt, oppressive, oligarchical and imperial. (If I could think of more adjectives, I would use them.)

So when you hear the drivel from the other candidates for the presidency in the debates, you will know from whence they come and for what they preach. They all strive to be American idols and not individuals, since that would be out of the mainstream and too precarious a reputation or calling.

Fredric Butler

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