Vail Daily letter: The stuff of Sharia |

Vail Daily letter: The stuff of Sharia

Emily Ewing
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is terrifying to me that all-male, all-celibate Roman Catholic bishops are trying to manipulate our government to impose their theology about contraception (which 98 percent of Catholic women clearly reject in their use of contraception) upon every woman of any walk of life, with or without a connection to a faith tradition who happens to work in a hospital or university connected to the Catholic Church.

This behavior has been wrongly attributed to Muslim Sharia for years, although American Muslims have never tried to do anything near what the bishops are doing.

As a seminarian and (hopefully) a future pastor, I find it ridiculous that any religious group would impose its theology of sexuality on the public. It is all the more ridiculous because false accusations of this same idea have been placed on Muslims and other communities.

Just as the government should be in charge of civil marriages, the government should be in charge of deciding on health care and ensuring that everyone have access to affordable and appropriate health care, which for most women means covering contraceptives.

Emily Ewing


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