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Vail Daily letter: The Vail effect

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Vail, CO Colorado

After living and working in the Vail Valley, I’ve always felt like I carry the spirit of Vail with me, even after moving back to the east coast of Canada. Recently, I was reminded of how incredible my spirit for the valley really holds true to my everyday life, despite the distance or lapse of time since my last return.

While hurrying out to take my daughter to the nature park, I laid my wallet on the roof of the car and drove off. After a couple of miles, I recalled my husband’s reminder that there was a slow leak in one of the rear tires which I must take to the garage and get fixed.

Weary of my tire, I turned back home, making a quick stop at the store, and I became aware that my wallet was missing. It was nowhere to be found. I immediately got back in the car, drove the road at least three times over, trying to see if it has just landed on the side of the road.

The wallet was gone, but I still decided to pack my daughter in her chariot and ride the whole distance again. I called my husband crying, apologizing that I lost his credit card, too, not to mention I had a couple of blank checks and lastly my old Vail Resorts ski pass.

I have kept it as a reminder. Now living at an elevation of 80 feet, I always feel like I am carrying the spirit of the valley with me.

After getting home and having dinner, relieved that our cards have been frozen and checks have been cancelled, I find myself crying to my husband over a ski pass.

My husband, an American, tried to console me by saying, “We live in Canada. That gives you like an 80 percent chance that a good Samaritan picks it up. Someone will call. Don’t worry.”

By 8:30 p.m., the phone rang and a very excited girl told me that her boyfriend was out “getting more steps on his pedometer by walking the road” and thought my wallet was garbage after a car passed over it and threw it up in the air.

Within 10 minutes, I was at their house to pick up the wallet and can’t explain how thankful I am for them calling and how now that the cards were cancelled, I was just so happy to have my ski pass.

His response: ” I know; I saw that. My name’s Vail … after Vail, Colorado.”

I guess when you can’t find the spirit, the spirit finds you.

Melissa Parker Saint John, New Brunswick

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