Vail Daily letter: There is no ‘Vail Valley’ |

Vail Daily letter: There is no ‘Vail Valley’

Janice Starr
Vail, CO, Colorado

Excuse me, but is anyone else getting really tired of the “Vail Valley, Colorado” introduction to nearly every story on the Vail Daily website?

The one that finally broke my silence was today’s “Vail Valley Devils break track records.”

One, the Devils are the Eagle Valley Devils. There is no such thing as Vail Valley Devils!

Two, there really is no such place as Vail Valley, Colorado, anyway.

Most valleys are named after rivers which run through them — and there is no Vail River to my knowledge. There is, however, an Eagle River running through the valley! So, unless Vail has been renamed and the river which runs through it has been renamed, there is no Vail Valley, Colorado, or really a Vail Valley!

As a 60-plus-year resident of Eagle — born in Gilman and raised in Eagle — I feel that I can speak for at least most of the old timers who are left in the Eagle Valley who are quite tired of seeing nothing but Vail Valley in everything. The Eagle Valley was there long before Vail was even a thought in anyone’s mind and will no doubt remain for many years to come. I realize I am no longer a resident of Eagle County, but my roots and greatest memories are and will always be there.

Thanks for allowing me to let off steam! Hopefully, you will at least realize that not everything in the valley revolves around Vail–some of the places and people in the valley have their own name and would like it to stay that way!!

Janice Starr

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