Vail Daily letter: There will be recycling challenges |

Vail Daily letter: There will be recycling challenges

Rick Bell
Vail, CO, Colorado

I think it’s great that the town of Vail is finally getting its act together and implementing a recycling program. In my humble opinion, this should have been done years ago.

I do think that the problems with this program are going to be many. You have to look at this problem from a practical standpoint.

Is the town of Vail going to provide space for restaurant owners to put this recycling or are the owners of the buildings supposed to make room for more bins?

Is the onus on the landlord or the small-business owner in the space that they are renting to add the area for the recycling bins?

I know that our world is an ever changing one, but there is no way that this change will be instantaneous. The small-business owners are not the only issue.

I invite anyone to sit on one of the benches provided by the town on a sunny day when people are out on the street. If you sit there long enough and watch a garbage can, you will notice that our guests can’t even figure out the bear-proof cans that we provide.

If they can’t figure out the cans, how can we assume they will be able to figure out which can they are supposed to put their plastic water bottle?

The Town Council is trying to do a good thing, and I applaud them for it. It is a little impractical to think that you can pass an ordinance and instantaneously it will be implemented.

I say start with the residents. Get them in the habit of doing it at home and then start to phase in businesses to give them time to build an infrastructure to recycle.

Give the community time to adjust. We all want to do the right thing. It just takes time to motivate.

This town government is like any other. It is prone to making short-sighted decisions in the name of progress.

The issue of a lack of cardboard recycling needs to be addressed, as well.

Do we not realize the fact that the due to the lack of manufacturing in the valley, most of the products that we sell are shipped here?

Those products for the most part come in cardboard packages.

I look forward to more articles about this issue and plan on doing my civic duty and going to the Town Council meeting to voice my opinion.

Until then, I will try to do my part and try to recycle more at work and at home.

Rick Bell


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