Vail Daily letter: There you go again |

Vail Daily letter: There you go again

Michael Cacioppo
Vail, CO, Colorado

Please thank Henry “Boringstein” for including my name in the ranks of local Judge Terry Quinn and the very articulate Second Amendment defender Buddy Shipley, amongst others. I am pleased to be included when you mention reasonable people who understand why a free country needs guns and how free people can lose their freedom when they don’t have guns to protect themselves.

Once and for all, the Second Amendment is not about hunting, you nincompoop! It is about the right of people to defend themselves from bad guys, bad governments, etc.

You can write volumes of nonsense, and you do, and the Vail Daily can print your diatribes when they need to fill space around the ads, but most thinking people just laugh at your pathetic attempts to try to take away their right of self-protection.

You asked, “Why on Earth do we have this number of guns in the United States? And why do so many people possess or allegedly need such weapons?”

The answers are simple, but unfortunately your simple mind doesn’t seem capable of understanding it.

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People own a large number of guns because they want to protect themselves and their families, and they fear history repeating itself by becoming disarmed and defenseless.

If our government were to turn rogue on us, people want to have the ability to defend themselves.

Currently, I use a mouth and a pen to defend myself against government


But those would be useless against a rogue government of brutal attackers. Simply put, reasonable people fear bad guys and potentially bad governments. Many of our retired military and retired police understand this. Apparently you don’t!

Even our state Constitution acknowledges how the people should help defend the state. It says, “The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall be called in question …”

Mr. Bornstein, how can free people come to the aid of the civil power, when legally summoned, with the kind of weak guns you anti-freedom nuts would allow? Answer: They couldn’t!

One more thing: I am not a National Rifle Association member, so you are wrong about that, as well. The NRA has demonstrated that they are willing to compromise with anti-self-protection people like yourself. I, and other reasonably thinking people, are not willing to do that!

By the way, there are becoming more armed guards in shopping centers and schools because reasonable people would like protection when they shop or go to school.

It is apparent you are not a very good student of history. It’s never too late to wise up, Mr. Bornstein!

Michael Cacioppo

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