Vail Daily letter: These are failures? |

Vail Daily letter: These are failures?

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

The wonderful financial comeback of the auto industry was a failure because of Obama’s stimulus package? Remember how many of you criticized that idea. But it worked! Don’t forget that the funds were repaid.

Mitt Romney forgot to mention to his adoring crowds that Obama made the very difficult decision to have Osama bin Ladin, Bush’ No. 1 terrorist, assassinated using the fantastically trained Navy Seals.

The intense involvement of our military forces is ending in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama is bringing them home. Is that a failure?

It is time for the tea partiers, the Christian right, the birthers and what’s left of the Republican Party to take their blinders off and look at the world as it is.

Fletcher MacNeill


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