Vail Daily letter: Think what you will … |

Vail Daily letter: Think what you will …

A friend was once surprised when I told him that every time I listen to Led Zeppelin it is a completely different experience. I was surprised that he was surprised.

How can it not be different? I am a different person now than I was then, this year than the one before, this afternoon than this morning, this moment than the last. I am a constantly evolving human being and every new experience, thought and feeling has the power to change my perception of … everything, but mostly of myself.

By finally allowing this reality into my life I have become truly blessed.

I reread a wall post I had on Facebook a while back: “You think I don’t take diversity seriously? Only a fool doesn’t. Diversity is the engine that drives this country; we are an immigrant nation. The first generation works their fingers to the bone making things; the next generation goes to college and innovates new ideas; the third generation … snowboards and takes improv classes ….”

Jack Donahue said it on an episode of “30 Rock” and I liked it instantly because of its reference to shred-sledding and my generation.

Then I thought about it a bit more and felt more like a ski bum too lazy to do anything else with my life.

When I looked at this quote today, I realized that it is truly a God-sent message of doing what feels good and not giving a flying frog about what anybody else thinks about it. Mr. Donahue may have been talking about ethnic or even gender diversity, but the diversity of human thoughts and dreams exceed the different physical characteristics.

When we are not too busy worrying about whether or not we will be fed today, or if we are playing the right cards in the corporate game, we can really just sit back, think, and enjoy the things that we want to do.

Sofia Kovalenko


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