Vail Daily letter: Thinking of you |

Vail Daily letter: Thinking of you

Ed Montovani
Vail, CO Colorado

Last March, my apartment was broken into and several items of “value” were taken. Everything was replaced by my insurance, to a certain degree, except for a letter which had no monetary value. This is about that letter:

I cherished everything about the letter that you sent.

Seeing your delicate cursive conjured memories of your thoughtful daily notes.

Touching the letter I could feel your hand holding it taut while you wrote.

I could see you at the dining room table carefully choosing each loving phrase.

I sensed your tears welling, knowing these were to be some of your final days

The letter was kept creased exactly how it was sent,

Stored safely in a fireproof box to help me get through times of deep lament.

I treasured this letter beyond belief.

Imagine how my heart sank to find that the box had been absconded by a thief.

My soul wept and mourned for your loss yet again.

How I yearned for my fingertips to trace those indelible impressions left by your pen.

I wish I could meet this thief and let him know how wealthy he has become,

For he holds a piece of paper that can give life back to a loved one.

Thinking of you this holiday season.

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