Vail Daily letter: Third World at best |

Vail Daily letter: Third World at best

Neil Barham
Vail, CO Colorado

From Answerland, June 11 Vail Daily:

“Q: Is U.S. Highway 6 from Edwards to Avon going to be wholly repaved this summer or just fixes associated with the Xcel energy pipeline?

“A: According to Xcel Energy, only the westbound lane will be repaved along the length of the pipeline project. The eastbound lane will only be repaired in spots and only if needed.”

This is unbelievable! Why isn’t this road being updated? The road both ways is crumbling! Is anyone in charge in this county? Well, watching the three stooges on local TV proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are delusional at best. After watching the Edwards roundabout being built, I had little doubt of their total incompetence. Pour concrete and then come back and tear out and then pour it again.

All of the commissioners should be recalled, and all county planners, etc., should be released! It is painful listening to all of our local leaders and market execs calling this place world class. This place is Third World at best.

I certainly hope they extend the shoulder where it is missing between the west and east entrances to Beaver Creek. Highway 6 is an embarrassment to our county. I really can’t believe that the Ride the Rockies and the big pro bike race later this summer are actually coming here. I am sure the roads are better in Iraq!

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