Vail Daily letter: Thrilla in Vail-nilla |

Vail Daily letter: Thrilla in Vail-nilla

Sig Bjornson
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have enjoyed the recent letter-to-the-editor banter recently regarding our Constitution, the Second Amendment and gun control. It has been interesting, sometimes informative, humorous, heated, and for sure good reading.

It got me thinking we should have a current events community debate program. A public space could be used so the public could attend. Admission would be $10 per person with their declaration of who will “win.” If they correctly guess, they get their admission back plus get a split of the “loser’s” pot.

The debate would consist of 10 questions and scored 10 points for the best response and 9, 8 or 7 points for the less convincing argument. A judge of three to five non-biased, non-partisan, and non-local judges would run the program and keep score. They would, of course, judge based on the rules of debate – that is, responses and rebuttals keep to the specific question at hand, contain actual facts, are non-emotional and are persuasive.

I propose the first debate would be Henry (the liberal) versus Michael, Butch, Fred, Terry, Karl, James, et al (the conservatives). Questions would focus on the above-mentioned topics.

For even more fun, I suggest “Calcutta-wagering” – in which where locals could put down an extra bet if they chose. I’ll even get it started!

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I take 100 bucks on Henry.

Sig Bjornson


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