Vail Daily letter: Time for a straight course |

Vail Daily letter: Time for a straight course

Peter Bergh
Edwards, CO Colorado

Kevin Kenney’s thoughtful reply to my letter to the Vail Daily the other day (“Advice for the GOP,” April 10) is an example of the type of thinking and dialog that I had hoped to generate, as I feel strongly that under the leadership of President Obama and the Democrats, the ship of state, now sailing in treacherous waters, has been set on a heading way too far to the left of a safe and desirable course. However, here it is important to note that Obama’s election two years ago was the result of voter dismay and disillusionment with a course set by the Republican majority ,which most people viewed as being too far to the right.

As a past president and the major shareholder in a business in Vermont ( that currently employs over 400 people, I am well aware of the negative impacts that an over-bearing government has on business and job growth. I am shocked by the nation’s collective inability to check illegal immigration and fully comprehend the real price we all pay as a consequence; and at the appalling gross failings of our union-controlled public school system nationwide (reference the study “A Nation at Risk” and the documentary “Waiting for Superman”) and what this means for the economic future of the United States.

It disturbs me greatly that we appear to have learned nothing from history, and today the U.S. is in lockstep with every other (once) great power that has gone before us as each year we devote an increasingly larger share of GDP to pay for wars past, present and future as well as funding unsustainable levels of interest owed on our ballooning national debt and deficit at the expense of everything else.

The United States remains a great nation that continues to be a model and beacon for the rest of the world, however to maintain this status, we must continue to demonstrate that we are a balanced nation and a free and fair people willing to share our good fortune and great wealth with those less fortunate and deserving. Denying women the right to control their own fertility, and removing well-established safety nets from beneath the most vulnerable citizens of the country is not an option in my opinion.

Metaphorically speaking, for too long now conflicting ideologies in the United States have resulted in government alternately careening too far right and then too far left, which is a bad way to steer a vessel and has the consequence of making all the passengers very seasick and uncertain as to whether they will arrive at their destination safely.

A course correction is in order. However, to accomplish this, we need other, well-qualified hands in the chartroom and at the helm. In 2012, my support and vote will go to centrist candidates with real-life experience outside of government who have demonstrated in their previous roles that they understand that governing from the center and striving for consensus over conflict brings the most good to the greatest number of people.

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