Vail Daily letter: Time for change in Eagle County commissioners |

Vail Daily letter: Time for change in Eagle County commissioners

John and Vicky Roeser
Vail, CO, Colorado

Most of the local media focus is on the upcoming congressional races. However, the one election that should be foremost on the minds of Eagle County voters is for county commissioner.

Over the past few years, we have seen a county commission that is out of control with our money; a commission that does not know the meaning of “fiscal responsibility;” a commission that creates departments with staff and budget after being told not to by the voters; a commission that spent $12.5 million to purchase and seed a gravel pit and call it “open space.”

They pushed for and won “green loans” and, again, created a department only to find it couldn’t be done; a commission whose pet projects include losing $4.5 million of your dollars on deed-restricted housing in Gypsum, $300,000 to xeriscape a few patches at the county building (with a 100-year payback), $24 million to remodel the Justice Center and making it a “country club” that was never voted on or needed.

What’s a few million here and a few million there to build and subsidize a horse barn, a recycling center and an indoor soccer arena, when all they have to do is keep taxing? It’s no wonder that when our property values fell by 50 percent, our commissioners had committed to spending so much of our money that they could not lower the mill levy, but increased our property taxes by 30 percent. These people have to go. And the first up is Sara Fisher.

Claudia Alexander is running against Sara in November. We have come to know Claudia and find her to be a perfect candidate for county commissioner.

Her knowledge of Eagle County is impressive, having managed government properties in Eagle County. Claudia has a very strong knowledge of the workings of our county government and the commission. Claudia stands on her strong core values that government needs to be responsive to the wishes of the taxpayers and that elected officials have a duty to provide fiscally responsible stewardship of public assets and our tax dollars.

Contrast this with Fisher. Sara lacks any core values or fiscal responsibility. She has just gone along. When it was expedient for her election, she changed her political philosophy from conservative to liberal. She has voted with emotion, not thought, for every big spending scheme put before her. We have to bring this big spending to a halt, and what better way to start than to term limit Sara Fisher and elect Claudia Alexander, who will bring experience, knowledge and responsibility to the office of Eagle County commissioner.

John and Vicky Roeser


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