Vail Daily letter: Time for sensible discussion |

Vail Daily letter: Time for sensible discussion

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was going to describe how the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, local hateful letter writers, the religious right, tea partiers and Trump used Hitler’s guide to mind control. My thought was if you repeat an idea long enough, people will believe it.

We had four years of Obama bashing, yes four years, starting with Charles Krauthammer in 2009 saying, “We must assure that Obama is a one-term president.” From then on we were all bombarded for four years by the above and now, sadly, a new breed has come to the fore and who use these tactics.

We have a wonderful country, and it is surviving. There is no threat to gun ownership except from NRA, and we really do have freedom to live our lives in this country as peaceful as we possibly can.

What we need is to stop tearing down our country, and offer positive, helpful comments. Get rid of “extreme right, extreme left, liberal, conservative, “Obamacrats” and any other all inclusive label that is so fake. We need sensible discussion without finger-pointing rhetoric.

Fletcher MacNeill

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