Vail Daily letter: Time to change rules |

Vail Daily letter: Time to change rules

Mike Kieler
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to Jack Van Ens’ commentary in Sunday’s Vail Daily, I believe attempting to determine which politician contributed the most to the mess we’re in is nothing short of a waste of time. All politicians have contributed to the problem, and the only reasonable solution to the mess we’re in is to change the rules of the game.

How about term limits? How about politicians having to eat what they kill?

Can anyone tell me why these guys can legislate for us a retirement plan they don’t have to abide by? How stupid are we?

When this great nation was founded, you had to own land to vote. Am I suggesting we go back to that standard? Absolutely not.

But if we went back to the concept of civil servant rather than an elitist corps of self-serving malcontents running the show, we just might have people seeking elected office for the right reasons.

We’ve got a few years left of the 250-year lifespan of a democracy to get this mess cleaned up, so we the people better wake up and get the rules of the game rewritten rather than continuing to tear down the other party.

Citizens of the United States are the most giving people on the planet. Some of the most successful of us contribute their time, talent and money to very worthy causes.

If we rewrote the political rules we would attract people like Jack who have their hearts in the right place to be civil servants for a brief period of time and all of us would be far better off.

God bless America, as we need it now more than ever.

Mike Kieler


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