Vail Daily letter: Time to get tough |

Vail Daily letter: Time to get tough

Patrick M. Mitchell
Vail, CO Colorado

This is a disturbing problem. I read of agencies and well-meaning committees speaking to remediation and assimilation … liberalism run amuck.

I was at a uniformed English-styled school in New Zealand, where the cane on the backside ruled. No three strikes and you’re out, just fear of pain.

One of our senior teachers, Gordon Troupe, was a boxing instructor who took combatants to the gym, into the boxing ring, and let them have it out till somebody submitted.

It is my assertion that the solution lies in front of us, in two formats:

• Bring back the bamboo cane on the arse for repeat offenders (the teachers know who they are – don’t kid yourself)

• Three strikes/assaults and you are expelled. (Committee of your peers decides.)

The fear factor for these offenders is minimal. Committees, parents, veiled threats … just like Libya.

If I was the parent of one of these insecure, attention-deficit misfits, I would be attentive to the threat of school expulsion … wouldn’t you?

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