Vail Daily letter: Time to go with Romney |

Vail Daily letter: Time to go with Romney

Rick Santorum recently commented that if you vote for Romney for president, you may as well vote for the incumbent. Yeah, he tried to spin, it but that is what he said. This coming from a candidate who suffered the worst defeat in the history of his own state when he last ran for office.

What is happening to the Republican Party? They took the Etch-a-Sketch comment out of context. Tell me one candidate, ever, who did not, will not modify his or her position as they move from the primaries to the general election (except Ron Paul).

We now have three candidates who cannot win the nomination. Two of those angry, desperate candidates are spewing fodder that will definitely be used against Mitt Romney in the general election.

Romney is acknowledged, even by those strict social conservatives who have been voting for Santorum and Gingrich, to be the candidate most likely to beat Obama. I understand “principle over party” — been there, done that. But the time has come to rally around the obvious nominee and once again, the only candidate who can beat Obama.

Look around. Listen to the Watters and Leno interviews of the iPod generation. These embarrassments to our society and education system, along with the entitlement devotees, are the ones the Democrats are targeting to vote. These morons are the one who think that there are 57 stars on our flag, and that they represent the 57 countries that we own!

These me-first kids don’t know when World War II was or how many presidents we have had (one idiot said that Obama was our 200th president). I bet they know the words to the latest Katie Perry song or what is going on in the “Jersey Shore.”

We all know educated people who do not have a clue as to what is going on in our country. Ask your college kids a few general questions about our government, history, health care and the state of our nation. Ask how many judges sit on the Supreme Court. Some of you will be shocked.

I am acquainted with a number of independents and disgruntled Democrats (I used to be one myself). They do not care about the conservative social agendas. In fact, they scare some of them. They, and most of this country, care about jobs, the economy, health care … period.

If you don’t know the statistics, it is the Independent voter who will decide the next president.

The point here, folks, is that we must defeat Obama. If we don’t, all is lost for future generations. Obama had to be careful during his first term (and look what he did) because he wants a second. If elected, this Alinsky radical will destroy the American Dream for future generations.

Time is running out. We must coalesce behind Romney.

Michael Schneider

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