Vail Daily letter: Time to lock the gates? Really? |

Vail Daily letter: Time to lock the gates? Really?

I moved from Gilman to the wonderful small town of Eagle in January of 1943, to escape the hustle and bustle of the three-room company-owned hospital and the questionable “big-town character” of an ever-growing mining town.

How many times these past few years have you read or heard the comment “all of this development” or “this proposed development” … “will ruin the small-town character and negate the reasons why I moved here in the first place”?

Why drive all that way to the desert of Fruita? I’m certain the local business owners of Eagle would have greatly appreciated it had you spent your money locally and taken advantage of the nationally acclaimed mountain-bike trails in the small town of Eagle. Or would they?

Apparently, it is viewed by some that the time has come to close the door on development in Eagle and assure that no more families move in and destroy that small-town character that “brought me here to begin with.”

I surmise the absence of the families who have already left or the ramifications of those who chose to take a “drive to Fruita” are felt little to none. Correct? What am I missing here?

Herb Eaton

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