Vail Daily letter: Time to OK Eagle River Station |

Vail Daily letter: Time to OK Eagle River Station

Harald Fricker
Eagle, CO Colorado

I’m writing in support of the new Eagle River Station proposal, as it makes its way through the latest round of Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission meetings. I supported it last time, too, along with 1,100 of my fellow voters in the town of Eagle, and I’m glad that RED Development still sees the potential in working with our community.

The latest round of opposition seems to be focusing on the question of whether ERS would “go dark.” Well, I’ve checked out RED, and luckily for us it’s been one of the more successful development companies in the country. In fact, they seem to be thriving and they’ve actually grown their company with successful projects during the past three years while others have struggled or failed. These guys know what they’re doing, and they’re willing to invest about $300 million of their money in our town to prove it.

Plus, there’s no doubt that this project is in line with the revised Eagle Area Community Plan. That plan recommends regional retail be developed on the land ERS is proposed for. It recommends that Eagle work to ensure it has a stable economic base. It recommends that any project incorporate pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle circulation. It recommends architecture that adds vitality and visual interest. ERS does all this and more.

I think our town is ready for an Eagle River Station. We’re ready for the construction jobs it will bring. I know that several of my neighbors in construction who’ve lost their homes wish they could have had the chance to work on it. We’re ready for other people to spend their money in our town so that we can support our police force, maintain our parks and keep our sewers in working order. We’re ready for the 1,200 or so retail jobs ERS can bring, so that we have the chance to keep ourselves and our kids employed. We’re ready to embrace potential, rather than keep thinking about what might have been.

I encourage the Planning and Zoning Commission to recommend that this project move ahead.

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