Vail Daily letter: Tireless effort behind Vail Valley Charitable Fund |

Vail Daily letter: Tireless effort behind Vail Valley Charitable Fund

Thank you for Scott Miller’s thoughtful article in Monday, Sept. 26’s Vail Daily with the touching companion piece from Montana Nash. As chair of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, I am proud indeed to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

While I appreciate that the dictates of space sometimes necessitate brevity, I would be remiss if I were to fail to name and thank the original Charitable Fund Board, the current board and the executive directors who have guided us toward 15 years of success.

It is their tireless and devoted effort, along with that of our volunteers, sponsors, and the community itself which has supported us this past decade and a half and which is responsible for our growth and our ability to lend assistance to our neighbors who find themselves in need. Seldom is success achieved without devotion, persistence, sweat and effort. These our Board and Directors have demonstrated in abundance.

While I cannot name all the hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and community members who have sustained the Charitable Fund through our first decade and a half, enormous credit is due and should be given to those who give so tirelessly of themselves. It has and I hope will continue to be my distinct privilege and honor to serve with them in our combined effort to make the place we live a better place.

Please allow me to thank my original fellow board members: Bob Brown, John Dakin, Rick Richards, Dr. Marc Peck, Chris Hanen, Terry Halverson and Beth Golde.

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And our current dedicated Board: Liza Alrick, Pete Brill, Martha Brassel, Jean Dennison, Kara Heide, Dagmar Huber, Mary McDougall, Ellen Moritz, Marka Moser, Don Rogers, Dr. Diane Voytko, Paul Witt

Heartfelt thanks, as wel, to the several former members of board.

A special thank you to the three special women who, over the years, have served as our executive director and have skillfully steered us through the many challenges: Kate Collins, Tracy Kurt and Karen Simon.

Without the skills of these and others, the Charitable Fund would never have survived.

I am deeply indebted to them one and all.

We are looking forward to the next 15 years of service and the community’s continued support.

Thank you.

It really is all about heart …

Rohn K. Robbins

Chair, Vail Valley Charitable Fund

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