Vail Daily letter: To clarify those numbers |

Vail Daily letter: To clarify those numbers

Nancy Ricci
Vail, CO Colorado

As a former principal of Red Sandstone Elementary, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify Norma Hurd’s “By way of example, Red Sandstone.” Ms. Hurd stated that she used information from the directory on the district website for her information. Well, let me clarify.

Red Sandstone does not hire school nurses, nor nurses aides. Those individuals work district wide and are only part time at the school. The kitchen has one cook and a half-time assistant who also serves as a half-time custodian. The art teacher who sees all 260 students works only two days a week. The music teacher who works four and a half days a week also serves as the ESL teacher, as well as a reading teacher. The gym teacher who is full time is also a reading teacher, interventionist and master teacher.

The district allocates staffing to each building based upon the number of students in the school. Last year, before Harry McQueeney and I left Red Sandstone, we staffed the building with less than 22 positions, meaning those 22 people do it all – teach, clean, supervise and give a first rate education. Hardly the 33 positions that Ms. Hurd suggests we have.

Let’s at least be true and accurate with our “example” and not mislead the public. Information in a staff directory indicates the names of people who you can contact. It does not equal full-time positions. I’m surprised that Ms. Hurd doesn’t know that. After all, she is a former Eagle County School District employee.

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