Vail Daily letter: Tongue-in-cheek solution |

Vail Daily letter: Tongue-in-cheek solution

Will Darken
Vail, CO, Colorado

The recent letters about guns have really got me to thinking. I grew up in a rural area and we all had rifles for killing and eating game.

Since then, however, it seems that a rather large portion of the population has become concerned enough about their personal safety that they have acquired arms for protection against others.

Of course, as more arms are sold, more folks become alarmed, so they buy arms, too. Especially since the last election, it’s become common for private arsenals to include automatic weapons. So there’s quite a pool of armed folks out there now who really mean business.

This situation has caused me to become concerned about the safety of my family. I have visions of waves of heavily armed people coming to get us. It interferes with my sleep. Sometimes I almost lose control of my bladder just thinking about it. It’s really distressing.

But I’ve finally thought of a good solution. I would like a small, personal A-bomb, maybe several. The technology is out there. My family and I would feel a lot more secure. We may never use it but it would be there and anyone would have to think twice about coming to get us.

At first I thought a personal A-bomb would appear unreasonable. But I’m now convinced that it’s a moral necessity that’s practically compelled by the Second Amendment.

In line with the thinking of others there would be no need for the inconvenience of being part of a well-regulated militia. As a patriotic citizen, I need to stand up for my rights and be a role model for others.

No doubt the federal government will try to get in the way, so I ask that others in the community stand with me on this.

Also, I look forward to the firm support of the NRA. As a concession to the left, I would not insist on open-carry rights.

Will Darken


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