Vail Daily letter: Town of Eagle needs change |

Vail Daily letter: Town of Eagle needs change

Suzie Shepard
Vail, CO, Colorado

The town of Eagle needs change. Having sat through five years of planning issues that directly affect my family and many others who live outside the Eagle town boundaries, I have often seen people rebuffed by some members of the Board of Trustees. We have been told that that the opinions of non-residents don’t matter, and the mayor’s constituents are the only folks he listens to. We all live with the same traffic problems and are concerned with how and when they will be addressed. We have concerns about the disappearance of several great businesses and the disappearing beautiful night sky. We are as much a part of the town as Eagle Ranch, though not able to vote or even express our opinions without ridicule.

Many of us participate because we care about our community and don’t have any other voice about Eagle’s future.

The trustees have been proven wrong through public referendum in the past, which indicates the public doesn’t always agree with the decisions they are making.

I think it is time for a fresh look at town affairs through new eyes. There are some well-qualified people running this time who will listen to your thoughts and ideas.

One is Yuri Kostick, who is running for mayor. He has been on the Town Board for four years and is an experienced land planner currently working for the county. He has consistently represented how the people feel, often expressing a different outlook from the rest of the board.

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He is concerned about the businesses in town and their struggle to survive in a tough economy. He is worried about increasing revenues for the town and has pledged to keep the integrity and uniqueness of the town and its citizens. He would like to see infill and the reconstruction of U.S. Highway 6 businesses, as well as a senior assisted-living project in cooperation with the county. That will bring people and jobs to Eagle. He believes in an interchange west of Eagle that will help everybody, not just the developer. Yuri would listen to everyone and be a breath of fresh air for the town.

The other candidate I would like to see seated on the Board of Trustees is Brandi Resa. Brandi is an accountant by profession and an amazing researcher. When the Board of Trustees refused to tape meetings, so the public could always listen to the discussions, Brandi got a camera and did the job herself. She has sat through every meeting to hear all issues during Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Trustee meetings since that time.

She has a record that is available to citizens on She has found solid financial information about RED Development that the current trustees have ignored. This information should alert voters to the need for change at Town Hall. Brandi is fair, honest and hard-working and will make a dedicated trustee.

Please vote for those of us who can’t. There are plenty of issues to be decided in the near future that affect everyone who lives in or drives through the town of Eagle. Let’s grow Eagle in the right direction.

Suzie Shepard

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