Vail Daily letter: Town of Eagle put us in a tough spot |

Vail Daily letter: Town of Eagle put us in a tough spot

John Fitzgerald
Vail, CO, Colorado

My wife, Pam, and I live in our home on the corner of Seventh and Capitol streets in Eagle. Our house faces Capitol Street.

When we bought this house in the summer of 1998, Capitol Street (then Brushcreek Road) was a quiet country lane that passed by our house. It served the Terrace and the few people living on Brushcreek Road.

That all changed when the Eagle Ranch development was completed.

Our quiet country lane turned into a busy highway, with thousands of automobile trips past our home every day.

During the summer months, when we have our windows open, the traffic noise, exhaust fumes, and dust raised by the traffic is a constant irritation.

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We no longer want to spend time on our porch or in our yard because of the noise, fumes, dust, and lack of privacy.

More traffic passes our house than any other house in Eagle. Everyone driving to old town Eagle has to pass by our house.

That means traffic from Eagle Ranch, the Terrace, the Orchard, and Brushcreek Road passes our home.

Many times it is impossible to back out of our driveway onto Capitol Street.

In the summer of 2007 we finally had enough. We listed our house with a local Realtor.

Ours was the lowest-priced single family home in Eagle. We still couldn’t sell. Every prospective buyer had the same comment: “We like the house, but we don’t want to live on this busy corner .”

Our problems were created by poor decisions and planning of a previous town board. Now the present town board is entertaining the Haymeadow project.

If it is approved, it will mean thousands of additional automobile trips past our home every day. Not to mention increased gridlock on Grand Avenue and Eby Creek Road.

We feel that the board will approve this project without regard to the negative impact it will have on us.

We have a right to “quiet enjoyment” of our home and property. The town has, and obviously will continue, to take this from us. The town has made a highway of our residential street, created air pollution in our home, created noise pollution in our home, made it impossible to sell our home, and taken away our privacy.

Therefore, we want the town to buy our property and let us out of the awful trap they have created.

John Fitzgerald


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