Vail Daily letter: Travesty of justice |

Vail Daily letter: Travesty of justice

It seems there is a lot of outrage over Mr. Marty Erzinger’s plea deal and sentencing. This is rightfully so.

On every level it is a travesty of justice. Mr. Marty Erzinger would be a killer if not for the kindness of good Samaritans who stopped to aid his victim, Dr. Milo.

What Mr. Erzinger did is unconscionable and shows a total lack of decency.

Enter Mr. Mark Hurlbert, D.A., who was successful in making this situation exponentially worse. When money talks, Mr. Hurlbert listens. He listens very well, in fact, and apparently couldn’t care less about Dr. Milo. Dr. Milo wasn’t even consulted about the plea bargain and when he objected to it, he was told it was made months ago. Sorry.

All the poor victim wanted was justice. Sounds reasonable to me. The State Police also wanted to charge Mr. Erzinger with a felony, but Mr. Hurlbert would have none of it. Mr. Erzinger is wealthy and has a really good job that shouldn’t be jeopardized, after all.

I hope that the outraged people of Eagle County would initiate a recall of Mr. Mark Hurlbert, if that’s possible. This guy has undermined the four mission statements of his office (listed online).

In my opinion, he is dirty. If he and Erzinger weren’t friends before, odds are they are best friends now.

And what about Judge Frederick Gannett who was the last musketeer in this sordid deal? Anything being done to remove him from office?

Lastly, it’s terribly offensive that Mr. and Mrs. Erzinger want sympathy because of the calls, letters, emails, etc., that they have received since the hit-and-run. This is further proof that Mr. Erzinger hasn’t, and never will, take responsibility for his actions. How pathetically sad.

Sheri Karas


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