Vail Daily letter: Tripping over tipping |

Vail Daily letter: Tripping over tipping

Judd Haims
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding tipping in the Vail Valley. I recently read the letters posted here in the Daily regarding Matt Lipovsky’s tipping comments. It appears that this is a somewhat contentious topic. However, dismissing any name-calling, tipping should be a rather straightforward issue.

As it specifically pertains to winter travels to the Vail Valley, I think it plausible to assume that most persons are not first-time travelers, that travelers are here to ski and enjoy winter activities, and that travelers have chosen the Vail Valley for its level of acclaim.

As such, perhaps it may be fair to say that visitors to the Vail Valley are often persons very familiar with traveling and are accustomed to affording themselves a favorable lifestyle.

For those persons that this may describe, the issue of suitable tipping should be a non-issue.

Throughout the U.S., it should be fair to say that the preponderance of diners understand that standard tipping ranges from 15 percent to 20 percent. While maybe not specifically taught in grade or high school, one would be hard pressed to find many persons (old enough to hold a job) unaware aware that it is customary to tip as such.

For travelers who travel outside their home country, there are numerous travel guides that are designed to assist and educate. Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Conde Nas, and Let’s Go Traveling are popular guides. Each addresses ambiguities in gratuity tipping.

While possible, it sure is questionable that anyone traveling to a U.S. resort would be unaware of tipping practices. In a world where domestic and international travel is commonplace, such deniability is dubious at best.

I do not believe it was Matt’s intent to incite anyone. Rather, perhaps he was calling attention to when a guest actually knew better and was not being forthright?

Judd Haims


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