Vail Daily letter: Trojan horse of a tea party |

Vail Daily letter: Trojan horse of a tea party

Bob Callicrate
Vail, CO, Colorado

The right wing of the Republican Party — i.e., the ultra conservative Christians, the same 40 million who with the guidance of that great example of a Christian, Carl Rove, put W. in the White House — have done an admirable job of painting themselves in a new coat of paint and calling it the tea party.

The tea party is a Trojan horse for the folks who want us all to pray on Sunday and let corporations do whatever they want by deregulating everything and make government so small it’s a just a small branch of the corporation that fights wars and stuff (as if it isn’t already).

I don’t want to wear a seat belt. I want to talk on my cell phone in the car. I don’t want some super hero worshipping whack job to tell me I have to go to church because their revisionist history says the founding fathers were Christians. I thought these people wanted freedom. The tea party says they stand for limited government. Is that like not regulating Massey Energy and letting the miners die? Should we let China put as much melamine in our pet products as they want?

There are very big corporations that are funding the tea party. They are doing it because they like not having to compete in a free market. It’s a lot easier to buy legislation to crush your competition than it is to have to compete by making better products.

Yes, our government is broken. It is because of corporate control of our government through money.

A great example of corporate control is the illegal alien problem. Reagan passed laws that would fine businesses $15,000 for each illegal worker. Why was the law not enforced? Hmm, let me guess, lobbyists? The non-enforcement effect was to lower the costs to businesses and to devalue the work that we all do.

A meat cutter in a packing house in the 1970s was solidly in the middle class. Now they are all from Mexico.

That is not the American way, it’s really not the patriotic way, and if there was a super hero, I don’t think she would approve of such despicable behavior.

I don’t think the people who died in any of the wars we have fought would be proud of the Americans who sent their children’s jobs overseas or passed laws in Congress that made it OK to charge 400 percent interest to the undereducated. That was called loan sharking in Al Capone’s day.

The key is to get money out of politics so we can all have a voice no matter how poor we are.

We must limit the control that corporations have over our government. Money is not free speech. It is unequal speech. Don’t let the Trojan horse in your house!

Bob Callicrate

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