Vail Daily letter: Typical rhetoric from left |

Vail Daily letter: Typical rhetoric from left

Terry Quinn
Eagle, CO Colorado

Nicholas Fickling submitted a letter titled “Constant loop Of violence.” Much of it is over the top, in line with current rhetoric from the left after the Tucson shooting.

For example: Fickling says that because of Make My Day laws “violence becomes an acceptable solution to daily problems.” That’s a stretch.

Colorado’s MMD law relieves a person from criminal or civil liability for using force, including deadly force, against another who unlawfully enters a dwelling of the first person, and there is a reasonable belief that the intruder has, or intends to commit, another crime, and it appears reasonably possible that the intruder intends to use physical force.

I don’t believe the circumstances described in this law constitute a “daily problem.” Of course, I don’t know how things are where Fickling lives.

Fickling ridicules “hidden-carry permits so we can defend ourselves against the boogie man, the nutter with a Glock or whoever else is out there.” A lot of people have gotten concealed carry permits in the past few years, and the bloodbath predicted by the left has yet to occur. And those who get them are not victims of paranoia.

There are real threats to personal safety, and carrying a concealed weapon is a rational response. Just as I may never use the fire extinguishers I have at home and in my car, I may never have to shoot someone to protect myself or another. But if a serious problem comes up, it’s useful to have the means to prevent me from becoming a victim.

Fickling claims a “cancer” afflicts us because of the Second Amendment, which is “at the very core of our being. We are fundamentally a violent people with a frontier, kill-or-be-killed mentality.” Fickling is qualified to speak for his own psyche, but I deny this description applies to most Americans. If he really believes this about his neighbors, you wonder why he moved here, and why he stays.

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