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Vail Daily letter: Ultimate hypocrisy

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A lot of people were surprised by President Obama’s award of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, including Obama himself. A lot of the surprise results from Oba-ma’s lack of a significant for-eign- relations success in his roughly 10 months of office. Of course, the magnitude and number of challenges he has taken on are of the kind in which success is measured in years and not months. The kinds of challenges he has absorbed, such as finding the right solution for Afghanistan and building better relations with the Muslim world (about a quarter of the world’s popula-tion per current estimates), are not exactly like winning that $ 5 in a scratch-off lottery ticket.

What does this award say about us and the rest of the world? Having visited many countries around the world, both developed and economi-cally emerging, the rest of the world (even poor countries) is much more knowledgeable of us than we are of them. No sur-prise – we are the most power-ful country on earth. We are also the most admired country, but we rank only No. 13 on the qual-ity- of- life index published by the U.N.

What this says is the rest of the world (excluding such elements as Hamas and the Taliban) thinks more of his early efforts to promote world peace than does the citizenry that elected him. I’m not sure any other president in American history has faced this unusual situation – one in which the world loves you with the exception of your own country. Limbaugh is already on record as stating that Obama’s winning of the Peace Prize is more embarrassing to the U. S. than Chicago losing the Olympics. As it happens, the U. S. was effectively eliminated from the Olympics before Oba-ma was inaugurated, but let’s not get sidetracked.

The Peace Prize was awarded to Obama as a ” thumbs up.” Good start. Keep going. There is a very vocal element of our population that wants Obama to fail at everything he does. I suppose these folks believe we can live as an island, independent of other countries. Our debt held by for-eign countries and our dependence on foreign oil should dispel such thoughts, but if we are perceived as having a permanent posture with a middle-finger gesture, we should not be asking the rest of the world for anything.

For those of you who deny global-ization and interdependence ( including cooperation on terrorist intelligence), this is your moment! Obama’s award is your ultimate hypocrisy.

– Jim Cameron, Avon

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