Vail Daily letter: Ultimate in sports |

Vail Daily letter: Ultimate in sports

Caleb B. Gerdes
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have been in these mountains since last September, and since then I have realized how ridiculously cool this valley is! Since coming here I have met a plethora of people who have told me that they visited here a number of years ago and never left. I don’t blame them.

Now that I feel I have played on the egos of Eagle County, I must move forward into what is truly in my heart at this moment. There is, in other parts of the country, a very exciting and emotionally prosperous movement under way.

Yet it is not here, or if it is here, it must be led by a Tyler Durden and have stringent rules. I have yet to meet anyone who has directed me to this wonderful and powerful game. The game that I am talking about is none other than ultimate Frisbee.

And now, onto the opportunity to dispel many common and erroneous ideas about this great sport. It is not a group of hippies (nothing against hippies) standing in a park throwing a Frisbee at each other. It is not usually barefoot (though it definitely can be!). It is not for those who have failed at other sports, although they are more than welcome, as well.

It is a game built around team spirit and love of the game. I have never, in eight years of playing competitively, had a ref on the field. In fact, there are no refs, as it is self-officiated and thus inherently builds up integrity in every player.

I played many sports as I grew up, some team sports and some individual. When I played in my first Ultimate tournament I realized how free and enjoyable this sport is. Every player is equal and every player has the opportunity experience the glory of helping their team win and the opportunity to lose together.

I have loved a lot of activities in my life, but I have yet to find one that more deeply connects with who I am.

All this to say, I miss this sport and am very driven to bring it to Eagle County so I may, in my selfishness, play it once more. And I guess I’ll bring much joy to those I encourage to play.

I’ve created a Facebook group called Eagle County Ultimate. Find us, and find the sport that caresses your soul and beats your body into shape.

Caleb B. Gerdes


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