Vail Daily letter: Ultimate quandary |

Vail Daily letter: Ultimate quandary

Drew Schaefer
Vail, CO, Colorado

Like most issues dividing Americans, the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms has borne a weight for which it was not designed.

Illegal guns are not manufactured in meth labs. What that means is this: All American guns are manufactured by federally registered manufacturers, from Bushmaster and Remington, etc., down to the “musket-maker” who produces 10 to 20 replica antiques annually.

All legally manufactured guns are registered individually with serial numbers before their sale, and are then shipped via wholesale or retail channels to the person, store or company taking original possession of those weapons.

From legitimate manufacturing and their authorized channels of distribution, all gun purchases (to private citizens and official agencies) are legitimate.

So where do illegal guns come from? I suggest that all illegal guns sold to criminals are sold by the very people whose rants and fervent pleas are the drumbeat for no reform.

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You, the American gun owners, are yourselves the weak link to wanton criminality. You, or your hunting buddy, sold a gun at a gun show or otherwise.

Did you know the buyer? Did you run a background check?

There exist only two substantial means to procure a gun illegally: Steal it or buy it from someone who really doesn’t care about anything but receiving the highest price possible, in an often a “no questions asked” setting.

Thus, it seems most disingenuous to read, constantly, how the problem is not that posed by legal gunsellers.

Failing to account for the chain of possession from that first legal owner throughout the sales history of each unit sold leads legitimate weapons into the wrong hands.

So the obvious solution to reducing illegal gun crime is to prevent legal-to-illegal sales. I respectfully demand any gun proponent to rise to this obvious challenge.

With that opinion noted, I turn to the NRA. The mission of the NRA I knew in the ’60s changed around 1977-78, at a point in U.S. history when gun sales were at a low after the Vietnam War ended. The “new and improved” NRA has not changed its name, but it should.

As really the “National Rifle Manufacturers Association,” we would know the motivation of this misorganized association. We could work to change its advertising strategy, which is simply to have its minions ramping up their vocalized naysayings after each heinous, deplorable slaughter brought upon innocent people in innocuous settings, such as theaters or kindergarten classrooms. How many thousands of guns have been purchased since Newtown’s massacre? Do the math, then find the motivation.

Sadly, according to the implied philosophy of many Second Amendment proponents, there would be only one way to have an “American hero” at Newtown. If Mrs. Lanza had succeeded in killing her own son, Adam Lanza, then would we be adulating her? (I’m feeling a severe disconnect in proposing that.)

Are you a gun owner? Are you ready to kill your own child to prevent their psychotic murdering tragedy?

You should be. That is the “safer world” as you wish it to be.

Drew Schaefer


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