Vail Daily letter: Unhappy with DA |

Vail Daily letter: Unhappy with DA

I cannot believe the ridiculous efforts on Mark Hulbert’s part in the last couple of years!

First making the mistake of ruining a man’s life in Breckenridge for alleged charges of sexual misconduct that ruined his business and life. With only the shaky testimony of a troubled girl.

Then when the evidence is all sitting there for a hit-and-run with the testimony of a eye witness. Our public servant doesn’t use the eye witness, and allows the criminal to get a slap on the hand, because he comes from money and works for money. Sounds pretty corrupt if you ask me. Guess we should look for some donations in Mr. Hulberts accounts!


Mr. Hulbert needs to get it straight, or he needs to be taken out of office!

Zeke Hersh


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