Vail Daily letter: Unreasonable plea bargain |

Vail Daily letter: Unreasonable plea bargain

I am a little confused about the hit-and-run misdemeanor plea bargain. Why did this case not go to trial?

I live on Red Sandstone road and walk a dog. We have no sidewalks after Aspen Tree Condos or speed bumps coming down from Potato Patch and Piney, or Vail View Drive. The speed limit is 25 mph. Do you think anybody drives 25 mph? No, they drive 35 mph to 40 mph. Have I contacted the chief of police and Vail Police numerous times? Of course.

Does the Police Department take this seriously? Not. Have I requested they place the speed machine in the neighborhood? Yes, but with no action.

I have almost been severely injured or killed and after hearing about Mr. Milo’s case, apparently pedestrians or bicyclists are fair game and have no rights to a trial? This court decision and Eagle County’s judicial system is tainted. To plea bargain a case like this and not have it go to trial was absolutely bad advice.

It sounds from the article that Mr. Erzinger went to the doctor after the fact for his sleep apnea and new car smell? Please. A jury would have ruled in Mr. Milo’s favor if provided all the factual evidence and proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

The whole case sets a bad precedent for the pedestrians and bicyclists who are sharing the roads with vehicles.

Lisa Zimmermann

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