Vail Daily letter: Unthinkable option |

Vail Daily letter: Unthinkable option

Eric Ramsey
Vail, CO, Colorado

To think that the only public elementary school in the town of Vail could possibly be closed is outrageous. Not only does Red Sandstone stand as the district’s top performing elementary school, it dually serves as an educational provider for 246 deserving students.

Furthermore, Red Sandstone goes beyond serving the citizens of Vail. In fact, the school extends its services to children living in east Vail to west Vail, Minturn and Red Cliff.

Being a student myself, I believe that it would be simply unfair to force the student of Red Sandstone to transfer schools.

Considering that the students of Red Sandstone would have to adjust to a totally new and much larger school setting, create new friendships, and re-establish themselves among peers at such a crucial time in these young children’s lives is unwarranted and purely unjustifiable.

I, like Town Councilman Kevin Foley and Red Sandstone parent Amy Holm, who are opposed to closing the school, believe that if Red Sandstone is closed, Vail will inevitably be stripped of its sense of community.

Phil Onofrio, the chief financial officer of the school district, apparently not only wants to see Red Sandstone closed but has yet to even look into the redrawing of district boundaries, leaving the citizens of Vail clueless as to where their children will attend school next year should Red Sandstone be closed.

I will conclude by saying while Onofrio’s job is to help save the school board $5.5 million by cutting schools, he claims redistricting “would be a big, and expensive, undertaking.” Is the net cost savings of closing this school worth the damage done to the Red Sandstone students?

Eric Ramsey

Beaver Creek

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